Remembering Your Deepest Essence: A retreat for women

October 6-9, Lake James, Western NC // 3 nights, 4 days

Breathe Qoya Yoga Retreat Lake JamesThis nurturing retreat is a perfect complement to modern living and day-to-day stress, and has been designed specifically for women who are longing to deeply reset, restore and remember their deepest essence! Enjoy this private lakeside pagoda with a community of women immersed in yoga, meditation, and dance in a serene Autumn setting.

During this retreat, guests will enjoy the practice of Qoya, designed to remind women that their essence is innately wise, wild and free through yoga, dance and feminine movement. Qoya and yoga teacher Lyndsey Azlynne helps women unwind, unfurl, and blend pose into pose as a dance. In the afternoons a slow flow and yin class will be offered as we wind down from the day. 

As co-owner and house herbalist of the 3 local Dobra Tea locations, Lyndsey will offer a tea ceremony, offering one of her own custom, organic herbal blends. Nourishing vegetarian food selections include kitchari, fresh fruits, grains, and juices from a local chef and holistic health coach.

Yoga and guided meditation will also be led by instructor Rhonda Cook, yoga therapist and owner of Breathe Yoga & Wellness in Morganton, NC.

Cost: $425. Early Bird pricing: $375 by September 1. Inquire about room-sharing discounts at [email protected] REGISTER NOW.

You may enroll to reserve a spot and pay at the time of registration or by phone within 24 hoursDo you have questions about this retreat or about registration? Email [email protected]

About Qoya:

Qoya reminds us that our essence is wise, wild, and free.

Wise, wild and free also draw reference to the movement forms that we practice:

  • Wise: the wisdom of yoga
  • Wild: the creative expression in dance
  • Free: expanding our capacity to enjoy and celebrate being in our bodies, as women.

In every Qoya class, you experience 13 core components expressing a unique theme for the day that supports the embodiment of your feminine essence.

You also engage in ritual and community connections to open your heart, mind, and spirit.

You slow down and feel. You sweat. You play and have fun!

Your perspective shifts from going through the motions to savoring life as sacred.

You find the answers you seek in your body, and as well as the support to follow them.

In Qoya, imagine there is no way you can do it wrong and the way you know you're doing it right is when it feels good.

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About Lyndsey:

Lyndsey's deep rooted passion for the wisdom and the innate resilience of the human body has fueled her work as a massage therapist, as well as her yoga practice that began over 20 years ago. Her classes are an invitation to sink deeply into the sensations of the body, the breath and the present moment through fluid flows and unique soundscapes. Prepare to unwind and unfurl as you tap into the innate wisdom of your own body! 

Lyndsey lives in the beautiful mountains of Black Mountain. In her free time she mixes herbs, hangs out with her family, gives massages, dances, cooks nourishing foods, and spends time outside, preferably by water.

About Rhonda:

Rhonda believes in the divine power of all people to transform themselves and the world. She enjoy working individually and in small groups with real people who are experiencing life on life’s terms... recovering, growing, thriving people who are ready and willing to make a commitment to themselves and to their communities. She teaches beginner-to-intermediate-level group classes and fun, innovative special focus workshops. She believes that “all paths” are yoga — that commitment and dedication create gifts that we’d never planned on receiving.

Rhonda loves family, community-action, healthy living, water, mountains, writing, and has dabbled in the performing arts.

Below are photos of Lake James in Western, NC and the retreat center's lakeside pagoda. Click them for a sweeter view.