Darrell Watson

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Darrell has been involved in Grappling sports for 20 years. He began wrestling while in school here in Morganton and has continued with the sport by coaching his son's wrestling teams throughout the years. In 2007 he began training Brazilian jiu-jitsu and is currently a brown belt under Charuto Verissimo of Evolution Mixed Martial Arts in Wilmington NC.

While constantly looking for new tools to help improve his Jiu-jitsu game, Darrell found himself exploring the strength and flexibility benefits of yoga. Seeing major improvement in a short amount of time, he was hooked. Little did he know that he would discover something much deeper — a mindful way of life.

Yoga has helped Darrell become more connected with his true self and to identify what truly serves him. Through a personal practice of asana, meditation, and deep breathing techniques, the practice of yoga found its way into all aspects of his life, not just in the yoga studio or on the Jiu-jitsu mat. Darrell believes that practicing yoga gives the mind the capacity to see and to understand the world with a broader perspective.

Darrell is the life partner of 17 years to an amazing and supportive wife, the proud father of a son and a daughter, a son of two wonderful parents, and the brother of two delightful sisters. He acquired Subtle Yoga’s 200RYT yoga teacher training under the guidance of Kristine “Kaoverii” Weber, MA, eRYT500 and Rhonda Cook, c-IAYT, RYT500, in 2016. 

In his teaching, he would like to share with others the light that yoga has shined on him.