Showing up for Class

The hardest part of yoga is just showing up! How often do we look for excuses not to do something? Don't go! I’m tired. I'm out of shape. I don't have time. When these thoughts arise, the best thing to do is ‘Show up.’ When you really don’t feel like going to class, this is when it's most important to go.  Roll out your mat and stand on it, even if you just stand in tadasana.

Other things to know

  • Read our Studio Policies about pets, drugs, refunds and more;
  • Please have bare feet on the mat -- this is a safety issue; sticky mats are sticky for feet and hands, not socks;
  • Avoid walking across others' mats. Our mat is our sacred space and we need to respect that space, however small;
  • Teachers have the right to lock the doors at the start of class to honor a safe, nurturing space for all students. Please arrive 10 minutes before class. If you do come in late, find a spot quickly and silently;
  • The main studio area is a shoe-free zone. Stash your shoes and belongings in the cubbies in the front area or in the cubbies in the back dressing room;
  • Honor the energy and environment created by the teacher in each class. Some classes are more extroverted, some are more introverted. Some teachers will ask for silence before and/or after class. Please honor this and direct all comments or questions to the teacher him/herself in a quiet voice before or after class;
  • Consider the breathing patterns and poses suggested by the yoga teacher, and if something is not right for you, then modify by doing what part of the pose works for you, or support yourself in some way that is safe and comfortable. Please do not distract the group by entering into completely self-directed poses or sequences unless the teacher suggests you find your own sequence or creates space in a practice for a yogi-choice pose;
  • Practice personal hygiene - remember, we are warming up and moving around in a small, intimate space!
  • Turn off or silence all electronics, including phones, pads, pods, beepers or anything that might ring or buzz. Even in the cubbies or dressing room, please! (We don't like to ransack your cubbies during class!) :)
  • Leave children at home, please, unless the class is kid- or family-friendly. One or two hours is a LONG time for children. Some people are doing yoga with their children as a part of their family's wellness program, and, if so, your child is invited to attend if you have a conversation first with the teacher, and if you're prepared to leave if the child becomes bored or potentially distruptive;
  • Sign in and pay without a reminder; Even members should be sure that a teacher or assistant have acknowledged your presence for our roll;
  • Donation-based classes (Community Yoga, Morning Meditation and other special interest classes) require advanced registration. As teachers are not paid for these classes, no sign-ups means no class. Please check the schedule that day to be sure the class is still on the agenda. The best way to insure a donation-based class will be held is to sign up the day before.
  • Teachers reserve the right to cancel class 10 minutes prior to the class if there are no advance class registrations;
  • Clean up your immediate area (including sweat, borrowed mats, props, dew from a water bottle);
  • Be open-minded. Yoga is NOT a religion, but some of the terms used could complement OR contradict your own religious standards. If this happens, please note that no harm is intended. Yoga teachers generally invite and welcome inquiry! After class, or by email, feel free to ask questions if something you've heard creates concern. We're not spriritual experts as teachers, so we may refer to you to a helpful resource, or we may want to inquire about something further ourselves. Some poses are named for Hindi godesses just like some tennis shoes are named for mythological Greek gods -- to convey a characteristic.
  • Get to know the Yamas and the Niyamas (personal practices and ethical guidelines) around the yogic eightfold path and begin finding ways to apply them in class and beyond! Add the principals from your own faith background or discipline and you will receive all that there is to find through yoga and more!