Go With the Flow

Go With the Flow is a breath based, flow inspired class available for all levels of yogis!  Dropping IN TO the body and OUT of the mind to let your thoughts melt away.  Letting sun salutations and the stretchy goodness of moving asanas guide you to feeling more open and available to whatever else may exist in your days. This practice is yours, the teacher is there to help you feel more complete and more in tune to your body, your practice and ultimately everything else that makes you, YOU. 

True Beginners Yoga

This class of fundamentals offers correct body alignment, which allows the body to develop harmoniously so that the student suffers no injury or pain when practicing correctly. Detailed instruction during the different stages, of the poses, spread the student’s awareness to the smallest parts of the body simultaneously so the mind becomes alert, attentive and sharp, allowing a beginner to progress surely and safely from basic postures with confidence as the student gains flexibility, strength and sensitivity in mind and body.

Morning Meditation

This class offers gentle stretching and poses to soften, strengthen, and open muscles and joints. Close attention to breath improves respiration, digestion, circulation, supports immune function, and reduces stress. Each class closes with a guided relaxation and meditation for inspiring a still mind and peaceful heart, helping prepare students for anything that should come forth that day. No prior yoga experience is necessary and advance registration is required.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini simply refers to your life energy and is one of the fastest growing yogic disciplines in the world today. Called the "Yoga of Awareness," Kundalini combines powerful breathwork and posture that addresses not just the muscles and bones but the central nervous system and glandular system ... the true movers and shakers of your internal world.... creating a healthy body, an emotional steadiness and clarity of mind...putting you back in the driver seat of your life.

This powerful practice will leave you feeling integrated, calm, clear and utterly energized. Kundalini involves vigorous movement, sound, meditation, and powerful breath work.

Kripalu Yoga

Kripalu Yoga uses classic poses in varying sequences, along with careful breath work, to allow a generous flow of energy through the body, develop self-awareness and self-compassion in a nurturing, non-judging environment. This class is designed to adapt to all body types, ages, and fitness levels, taking into account individuality and personal expression of poses. Students are encouraged to tune in to their bodies and practice at an intensity that feels right in the present moment.

Gentle Kripalu encourages slow, invigorating movement. Kripalu Vinyasa is a flow class, promoting stamina, strength, and flexibility.

Mindful Morning Hatha

This class is based on principals of alignment, flexibility, strength, self-nurturing, and the development of confidence and mindfulness. All levels of yoga experience are honored, from beginner to intermediate. Modifications are offered to meet the individual needs of students in each class.

Ashtanga Led Half-Primary

This class is inspired by the teacher’s own practice of Ashtanga Primary and Second series. In Ashtanga tradition, classes are built as a set sequence of poses, always in the same order. The session is typically vigorous and physically challenging. Sequencing encourages uninterrupted, rhythmic, and meditative vinyasa, or continuous flow. Beginners are welcome, but it is suggested that students have a very good awareness of their own physical limitations. Instruction will include modifications for beginners to advanced practitioners, allowing students to pay mind to their own progress over time.

Moderate Flow

This class is a moderate-to-intermediate class. Prior yoga experience is suggested. Students are encouraged practice self-honesty and moderation until breath and body are unified and efficient. A vigorous style of vinyasa, or continuous flow, brings the student from one posture to the next, with attention paid to careful alignment and personal experience of the poses. This class encourages strong core, balance, stability and expansion of stamina.

Vinyasa Flow

In this class, one pose builds upon the other or counterbalances the previous pose. Breath-synchronized movement flow smoothly through transitions, dynamically encouraging students to let go of resistance, finding the lightness in each pose. Each student explores his or her own edge, leaning into it to find greater space and strength with each repetition. All fitness and experience levels are welcome in this class, with attention paid to modifications of poses, honoring each student’s experience level.

Rest & Restore: Yoga for Self Care

This class is devoted to caring for the self. Dive deep into relaxation, stretching, guided meditation and visualization, and self massage. Wear comfortable clothing and expect to be guided through head to toe renewal. Feel free to come fifteen minutes early and have a cup of tea to begin your journey!

Blankets, bolsters, and props rest the body in comfortable poses, encouraging muscles to open, aiding healthy lymph and blood flow, and inducing a peaceful mind. Restorative yoga relieves stress and anxiety as well as a way to recover from trauma, injury, or surgery. It renews and restores the body and mind. This class is perfect for beginners, athletes, and people recovering from nearly anything.

Lunch Break Yoga & Slow Power Flow

This class is under one hour so that those who are working nearby can be where they need to be at 1pm! We offer this class starting just a few minutes after noon and allow enough time for a simple and brief relaxation at the end. 

Lunch Break Yoga follows a Vinyasa Flow style, where one pose builds upon the other the previous pose. Breath-synchronized movement flow smoothly through transitions, dynamically encouraging students to let go of resistance, finding the lightness in each pose. Students are free to make this class as gentle or as challenging as they wish, and the teacher will remind them to do so.

Community Yoga

All forms of yoga honor the idea that all of the diversity of creation in the universe is connected. In it’s most basic definition, community means people coming together in the same location or for a common purpose. Community Yoga allows the student to attend class for the first or tenth or hundredth time, open to whatever theme or style of yoga might be inspired by that coming together. Care is paid to accommodate the beginner in the Community Yoga class. A donation is suggested for this class, but no student will be turned away regardless of ability to pay. Advance registration is required.


Pilates makes a difference to your health without taking a toll on your body. As opposed to other workouts, in Pilates, the quality of movement is valued over quantity of repetitions. Accessible to nearly any fitness level, this class helps develop a strong core and back, create flexibility and long, lean muscles, and creates an evenly conditioned body. That’s why so many professional sports teams and elite athletes use Pilates as a critical part of their training regimen. Modifications to the exercises allow for a range of difficulty ranging from beginning to advanced. 

Unlimited Pilates-Only Monthly Memberships are available for $30 monthly with no contract. Walk-Ins are $7. Breathe Yoga & Wellness Monthly Members may enjoy these classes for no additional fee.

Recovery Yoga

Yoga for Addiction Recovery Support (YARS) 11-Week Series. The physical practice of yoga works very closely with a therapeutic program of recovery and readies us for deep transformation, allowing us to absorb the gifts of recovery, no matter our spiritual beliefs or background. This class emphasizes physical and emotional safety, and requires no prior yoga experience. Although 12-Step principals are applied during class, it’s not necessary that you be in a 12-Step program to participate, but it is suggested that students be on an active path of recovery through a program. This class is not meant to be a substitute for addiction treatment.

No one may attend class under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Any questions at all about the YARS program may be directed to [email protected].

Get Hip: Yoga for Healthy Hips

This class blends a variety of teaching styles to focus on low back, hip and leg flexibility. You will also develop stability and strength to support the functional relationship between the low back, pelvis, legs and feet. As you explore the 1st and 2nd chakras and open the flow of energy in these regions, you’ll begin to experience an improvement in the relationships between these areas of the body which can contribute to resolving issues we commonly experience due to our 21st century lifestyles. 

Warmed Detox Flow

For the warm detox flow the temperature is usually set in the low 85 degrees allowing the muscles to warm up and help detoxify the body. A mindful, therapeutic and relaxing class with a slow flow pattern that allows ample time to enjoy each pose. The circulatory, digestive and lymph systems are stimulated through yoga, releasing toxins, and the warm environment and deep poses promote stretching, carring the toxins out of the body through sweat. Drink plenty of fluids before, during, and after yoga, especially when sweat is produced. This class is best for people with some yoga experience, although beginners can check with the teacher to see if this class is appropriate for them. Students who are pregnant, on certain medications, or otherwise have a compromised circulatory or "cooling" system should not take this class.

Yoga for Seniors

Beginning a yoga practice at 60 or beyond need not be intimidating. Yoga for Seniors is a gentle one hour class that hones in on the needs of its students, including joint mobility, bone density, care for blood pressure and circulation, mindful breathing, and accommodates a host of age-related conditions.

Much of Yoga for Seniors is taught with the aid of props such as chairs and sturdy bolsters. Highly trained instructors take full care to understand any complications their students might have. Must be 55 or older.

Classes are $5 each and are offered in partnership with Morganton-Burke Senior Center.

Prana Yoga

Prana (meaning breath, or life force), is the key to what makes yoga yoga.
Breath-inspired yoga works with the elusive vagus nerve in the brain in order to promote feelings of well-being and promote a healthy nervous system. The vagus nerve is the highway for our parasympathetic (rest/digest) nervous system and our vagal tone is how clear that highway is. Prana Yoga engages the vagus nerve through one pointed focusness, deep breathing, and channeling to specific parts of the body. Along with breath, we use Asana (or poses), as a moving meditation to build a stronger connection between our mind and body. This class is best for people with some yoga experience, although beginners can check with the teacher to see if this class is appropriate for them.

Tai Chi for Beginners

Tai Chi is an ancient, non-competitive, non-judgmental art form with great depth that improves harmony within oneself and with others. People of any age and nearly any physical condition can gain improved health, enjoyment and relaxation. 

Tai Chi's gentle flowing movements contain an inner power which strengthens the body and mind; it is practiced in every corner of the world. Scientific studies show that the practice improves and prevents many chronic conditions including arthritis, heart disease and diabetes. In addition, it improves balance, immunity, reduces stress and improves practically every aspect of health.

Tai Chi for Beginners is an ideal starting point to developing a regular practice. It is easy-to-learn, safe, and shown by scientific studies to be effective. Classes are $9.

Yoga for Athletes

Yoga for people in training should not stop at stretching. The benefits for weight lifters and athletes include:
1. learning to activate/inhibit muscles
2. proper use the diaphragm
3. initiate the parasympathetic nervous (relaxation response)
Proper diaphragm use and breathing biomechanics are not only paramount for leveraging the autonomic nervous system but also facilitating integrated core strength, pelvic floor function, shoulder girdle integrity, shoulder mobility, and more.

Reggae Flow

Reggae yoga is a vinyasa flow styled class; we will flow through a sequence, building in pose levels with the aid of modifications, props, and breathwork.  “Reggae” in Reggae yoga simply refers to the carefree music playing in the background, and the island lifestyle incorporated throughout class.  Prepare to sway and move to the music, as well as challenge yourself through funky transitions.  As mentioned, modifications will be offered, so all levels are welcome to experience this 60-minute staycation!

Sunrise Flow

Come start your morning strong! This high intensity flow class may incorporate hand-weights to strengthen and tone and will often be core-intensive. 50 minutes. Room heated to 80 degrees, previous yoga experience preferred.