Target Practice with More Heart

In this episode, Rhonda interviews Zack Paben at his home in Marion, NC. Zack is co-founder and CEO of the non-profit organization More Heart Than Scars. In this show, we get to hear about how he maintains life-balance in the face of real-life demands and a past that sometimes haunts him. Zack finds grounding and centerdness at his outdoor bow-and-arrow range. Shooting arrows is his meditation practice.

You can learn more about More Heart Than Scars, view their videos, and find links to events they're participating in by visiting the organization's Facebook Page.

As a part of Sacred Spaces Radio, we hope to provide you with resources connected with topics that we cover. In this episode, Zack informs us about the challenges of maintaining balance and mental wellness as a person who has suffered from serious trauma. Having thought his life was over at a very young age due to an accident that left him with severed fingers, Zack has learned to cope by developing a rich personal discipline as well as having developed community and a heart for serving others.

Episode co-produced by Breathe Yoga & Wellness and Citizen Earth Media. Music produced and played by Micheal Hefner. 

Resources for Trauma

I'd like to share with you, below, some important resources for anyone who is coping from the effects of trauma. PTSD, or the series of conditions associated with chronic stress or an extremely terrifying event or series of events, has been widely studied by leading researchers and treatment practitioners. If you have any need for further information about how Yoga Therapy might be a part of your program of care, please drop us an email or visit our page on Private Sessions & Yoga Therapy.

The guided meditation at the end of this episode is one that touches on the drawing in of life force, relaxing, and breathing into your ground, and opening into action. I hope you enjoy!

Peace, Rhonda

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