Summer Price Specials at Breathe

It's Summertime! Time to enjoy everything our beautiful region has to offer. Keep yourself into yoga while on your break from school and get the most out of your outdoor adventures. We have a couple of Summer specials, including a $10 Summer Walk-In (prime time classes, normally $12) from June through August, 2016.
We're also offering a 5-Class Vacation Package from June through August for $45 for people who are visiting our area for the summer or college students who are home from school for a couple of months.

Unfurl: A Re-Wilding

Art and yoga meet in a re-wilding of Breathe Yoga & Wellness's 131 West Union display window. With her sculpture “Unfurl”, artist Jen Carson manifests reluctance and inevitable opening; a human spine is tightly furled like a fern frond, but fed by hope, trust, nurturing, and the simple seduction of being alive, begins to unwind from its protective coil. 

Kirtan Band Wanted!

Are you familiar with Kirtan? Kirtan (pronounced kir' tahn) is a form of music that is a sort of prayerful hymn. Like Christian hymns or any other melodic form of song with meaningful words sung in repetition, Kirtan has its roots in chant derived from Sanskrit language, evoking a sense of deep devotion and reverence. The name itself has Hindi roots, but in many modern styles of Kirtan music, there’s no specific religious dogma … just people enjoying the sounds of words leaving their lips, movement inspired by the movement, all accompanied by simple instruments.

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