Blending Yoga with Medicine for Greater Health

Complementary/alternative forms of wellness such as yoga are being increasingly used as a part of doctors’ whole-person treatment of their patients. At Breathe Yoga & Wellness, we refer to this as Whole-Person Health or blended health, because we draw from several models of care that are being researched and implemented around the globe. We support medical pain management, anxiety and inflammation reduction, and a host of preventative and treatment plans.

Reusable ware for yogic living

Yoga is not just asana; yoga is a path. As the hot days of summer pour glorious lake days, music jam invites, yoga fests, outdoor cookouts across our social calendars, we can take a look at what we are packing in and packing out. Make less trash! Breathe Yoga & Wellness is now selling ChicoBags and To-Go Ware. Our reusable bamboo utensil set includes chopsticks, fork, knife and spoon, and has a carabiner for carrying the nylon pouch on your belt or gear bag. We’re super psyched about these additions to our yoga lifestyle items!

75 Conditions Helped by Yoga (as shown in Scientific Studies)

For  years Dr. Timothy McCall, the bestselling author of Yoga as Medicine, publishes a list of health conditions that have been demonstrated in scientific studies to be benefited by yoga.

Prenatal Yoga: Nurturing the Nurturer, Thursdays at 4:30pm

Our holistic community

Breathe Yoga & Wellness is a part of a holistic network called Foothills Holistic Alliance (FHA), which serves our area through collaborative projects working to raise the bar of health and wellness. Educational campaigns, collaborations on treatment, and increasing overall awareness is an important part of our holistic perspective. People seeking information about finding alternative and complimentary forms of care can visit the Foothills Holistic Alliance website at
For wellness practitioners interested in becoming involved in our network, we have established a way of participating. The FHA advisory board meets monthly and considers new membership. Dr. Johnny Gomes (Optimal Health Care and Wellness)  and Charlotte Eidson (Awakenings Spa) are co-presidents; Rhonda Cook (Breathe Yoga & Wellness) is secretary, Dr. Debra Peters (Wisdom Path), is treasurer, and Annaliese Koltermann is advisory member-at-large.

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