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Thank you, Breathe Students, for your Input!

Thanks to all who contributed to Breathe’s vision by completing our Student Survey last month. We have forty-four people respond to this survey, designed to tell us why you started coming to Breathe Yoga & Wellness, why you keep coming, and what suggestions you have to make this place as (comfy, challenging, joyful, perfect) for your life as we can possibly make it.

Below are some of the questions or topics, your answers, and our responses to your valuable suggestions and feedback.

Why did you originally start yoga?

Seventy-nine percent of you wanted to increase your flexibility, just over half wanted a workout, and almost half wanted a place where you could relax and get away from the daily grind. This is great news, because seven days a week, there are a variety of teaching styles, class levels and reasons to go in and just be with your own practice! For those who want a workout, we’ve got Advanced Flow and several Vinyasa styled classes. Burke County is a beautifully active community and we are grateful to be a part of its overall wellness. Thank you for finding yoga as a way to meet your goals!

What keeps you doing yoga now?

Nearly 70% of you let us know that yoga helps keep you balanced emotionally and that yoga is an important part of your physical exercise regimen. *whelp! No surprise there… for those who practice regularly, it’s just a matter of time when a loved one reminds us by asking, “Ummm… have you been to yoga this week?” noting a potential for an attitude adjustment. Or about those extra few days we spent on the sofa during the snow storm? Yep, we feel the difference in our hips, back, shoulders… We’re glad to know that Breathe is an important part of your exercise because we know the value of yoga on the body’s health. Almost 1/3 of you reported that you come to Breathe because it keeps you feeling part of community, and we love that! After all, yoga means “union” or “to yoke”, so we are glad you are connecting.

“I am happy with the current class offerings and times.” 

Very Much Agree: 1/3 of you are psyched about what we offer and when. Yay.

Somewhat Agree: 60% — more than half are somewhat in agreement so that is a good start.

Somewhat Disagree - 7%. Not too shabby.

We’re glad that most people are happy with our schedule! Several people made suggestions, so I’d like to address them here. If you’re one of those who did, I hope we can help you find what you need! If you recognize your comment and you’d like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to email [email protected]

“It'd be great to have more morning and weekend classes.” In fact, nearly half of you said you could commit to a late Saturday afternoon class. We want this too! As we work with more people who are becoming qualified to teach yoga, we will be able to rotate more instructors through a weekend schedule (most teachers are only able to give up so many weekends per season, or sessions per weekend, to class commitments, so teacher rotations are needed to keep many weekend classes on the schedule.) I promise we will be working on this as quickly as possible.

We had some suggestions for more early, pre-dawn classes which is challenging at this time due to the size of our yoga community, but we see it working in bigger cities and we think it’s in our near future, and since one-third of you who responded to the survey said you could commit to a 7am or earlier class, we will bump it up in priority!

Pilates in the afternoon for those of us who work during the day! A few people suggested a 3-4pm time slot, but we understand that most of our members who work don’t get off until 5pm. This is our classic challenge; not enough students to fill the off-peak hours, but definitely an interest. Watch the schedule late Spring (May?) as we try out a late afternoon mixed levels class. We will at least give it a try!

"Yoga for Seniors" would be better suited to my schedule if it was in the morning (i.e. Tuesdays or Thurs. at 9, 10 or 11 am.) Currently, we run classes and private sessions on Tuesday and Thursday in the mornings until 11am. But those who are interested in accessible, mixed levels morning classes should give the M/W/F 9:30am class led by Peggy a try. She’s a great, seasoned teacher who welcomes people of every level of experience.

We’ve gotten a few requests for classes focusing on special attention to alignment and posture. This is a great suggestion, and one where this may just be a matter of poor communication on our part: Breathe Yoga & Wellness workshops and special series (often led on Saturday, late mornings) are great opportunities to dig deeper into specific poses and parts of the body. Instructors work with a very specific focus. Also, since the Lunch Break Yoga on Tuesdays and Thursdays are generally small, these are great “yogis’ choice” classes where we break down a few pose or poses, talk about contraindications (reasons someone should NOT do certain poses or parts of pose), benefits, and more detailed alignment. We promise to communicate this better in the materials about our workshops and special series!

Regarding styles that you would like to see more of:

Three-fourths said you’d like to see more Yin, Gentle, Restorative, Slow

Half of you said you’d like to see meditation.

Less than one-third wanted advanced or more vigorous classes on the schedule.

This is great input! We will get cracking!

We really appreciated your suggestions for workshop themes and will be putting these in front of our instructors so that they can focus on what it is you want and need.


Well, 98% of you who responded are good with the amount of communications you’re getting; we really try hard to offer regular, timely, relevant information with each email and in our social media communications. Thank you for sticking with us and helping us really craft how we get our news to you! A couple of you even said that our emails and social media messages remind you to make time for your practice, which is fantastic news.

Unlimited Monthly Members, Yoga and Pilates:

The large majority of monthly members enjoy the unlimited classes you can take per month, and over half enjoy discounts on the workshops and series. One-fourth of members also enjoy getting to bring friends and family at a per-class discount, and 23% like the mat storage space. We will keep those up for our monthly members! 

Some of you would like to see more discounts for members on products, more specials, and other member-only benefits. After our second summer, 2016, if we are in a position to beef up our retail corner and do so, you can bet we will offer more member product sales!

You had lots of other great suggestions, and we’d like to address them here:

It would be helpful if the offerings were linked to an explanation of the class, e.g., what is Yoga for Seniors or Recovery Yoga. I know the explanations are somewhere but when I'm on the schedule page it would be good to know a few more details without going back and forth. 

There are two ways to handle this. 1) open a second tab in your browser, pulling up the Class Descriptions page; or 2) open one tab in your browser to the Class Descriptions page, and also open up MindBodyConnect app (device) or site (computer). When using MindBodyOnline from a computer, there’s a hover feature where the class description appears in a pop-up when hovering the mouse over the class name.

For clarity, a few of you responded with some concerns, so I want to address them here:

I don't live in town & it's difficult to commit to a class via online registration the night before--just don't know my schedule for any day until that day. The only time prior registration is required is for the pre-dawn meditation class and for the donation classes. All regularly scheduled classes are open with or without pre-registration; the only reason registration is suggested is to reserve space in some of the more popular time slots (early evenings and Saturday mornings) and to help the teacher with the check-in process. We very much appreciate pre-registration, but it is not a requirement.

Re: member benefits: “Do not know how to get WiFi access/password; there are no links/information in the 'members only' tab of the website”  Write to [email protected] and I will walk you through it, or let me know to meet you before a certain class and I will show you! :)

There were also a few great ideas that we would carry out if we were in another space (i.e. light, sound), and when/if we expand or ever have to re-design our fixtures our layout, we will most definitely take these into consideration.

This was really helpful in giving Breathe Yoga & Wellness instructors some direction as we venture into our second year in business. What a blessing you all have been. Thank you so much for being a part of our growing yoga community. You truly ARE yoga in its broadest sense: UNITY, LOVE, LIGHT, STRENGTH, EQUANIMITY.

Peace, Rhonda

Rhonda Cook, RYT500

Yoga Therapist

Breathe Yoga & Wellness

131 West Union Street, Morganton

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