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Spring Equinox Yoga Hike to Hawksbill Peak

Spring is finally upon us! Spring Equinox is celebrated as the first day of Spring, when there's an equal amoung of day and night in both hemispheres. So much new life is happening after the long Winter sleep!

As the the Sun's stregth in our hemisphere increases, the days lenghten and the nights shorten. We begin to feel empowered to reach out for what's new, where we can take risks, spend time in nature and connect to the Earth again.

We and the Earth are rich with potential and fertility, creating positive change in our lives and in the world. At this point we are poised between opposite forces, light and dark, receptive and active, unconscious and conscious, inner and outer. Uniting these forces within us create whole and balanced individuals, giving birth to actions that come from the heart.

Celebrations from in the past include honouring fertile Earth goddess Eostre around new life and gestation. Christian doctrine recognizes resurrection. In other traditions, dragon processions celebrated the emerging active energy of the earth and eggs were used as a potent symbol of new life and rebirth. This is a season steeped in reverence.

During our Spring Equinox Mountaintop Hike to Hawksbill Peak this Saturday March 21, we join with experienced hiking guides Justin, Curt, and Yan from HikeMore Adventures for a full early Spring morning experience. Yoga and meditation will include heart opening, stretching, unfolding, reaching for potential and setting intentions for the season to come. The $75 fee covers professional wilderness guides, yoga, and lunch. Visit the Breathe event page and the HikeMore Adventures Facebook Event for more information or register here at HikeMore Adventures.

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