Solstice Fest for Breathe's 2nd Birthday

It's hard to believe that our family has been coming together for almost two years seven days a week. This month, we celebrate not only Breathe Yoga & Wellness's 2nd Birthday, but also the return of music and kirtan beauty Jenne Sluder from Asheville, NC. Jenne came during Breathe's grand opening festivities in December, 2014 and we're happy to be welcoming her back for a Winter Solstice musical and meditation celebration on Sunday, December 18.

The Winter Solstice and Birthday Celebration will be led by artist Jenne Sluder, an Asheville, NC yoga therapist and musician. Sunday, December 18th, 6:30 to 8:00pm. We'll gather at sundown as we honor the longest night of the year and celebrate the coming light. Centering meditation, gentle stretching, peace, warmth, silence, and singing meditation. Jenne, in collaboration with tenor vocalist and harmonizer extraordinaire Clark Williams, will deliver the music in soothing and soulful close-harmony with an invitation for optional audience participation. Carols and hymns from diverse world traditions and a few mellow anthems from the Beatles and Leonard Cohen  that capture the warm fellowship of the season.
To learn more about what Jenne offers, follow the links to her third album, "Hymns to the Earth."  Created in collaboration with tenor vocalist Clark Williams, the album is a collection of mantras and hymns from the Buddhist, Yogic, Pagan and Christian traditions. "Hymns to the Earth" is available on CDBabyiTunes and Amazon15% of all proceeds from her album are being lovingly donated to the Thich Nhat Hanh foundation to support mindfulness outreach programs, and humanitarian aid. For lyrics to the chants and translations of the sanskrit mantras, visit her website - Lyrics & Translations.

We hope for a beautiful coming together this Winter for this Solstice and Birthday Celebration.

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