Balancing Self-Care, Giving, Vulnerability, and Strength

Sarah Dergins is a real gem in our community, courageously and tirelessly working with task forces and volunteers who are passionate about mental health and youth. Rhonda had the pleasure of interviewing Sarah recently about how her sacred space and personal practice has been honed over time to suit her needs.

In this episode, Sarah gets so sweetly honest about her process. She also shares about her childhood, and the dance she does between self discipline and letting go.

Thank you, Sarah, for this beautiful interview! We invite all of our listeners to join us.

Here are some photos from the episode interview. From left to right: Sarah's childhood treehouse; looking up from inside her childhood treehouse; Sarah, her brother David, and her brother's best friend, Alex (now Sarah's husband :).

Working with Prevention & Youth Leadership

Sarah has been the Director of Prevention Services at Burke Recovery since March 2015. Prior to that position, where she has worked directly with the prevention community through Burke Substance Abuse Network and various youth coalitions, she was the Executive Director at Strategic Alliance for Burke Youth. She's currently enrolled at UNC Chapel Hill for a Masters in social work with specialized training in integrated behavioral healthcare.

One major contribution Sarah has made as a beacon of light in the youth community was in the co-creation of Burke County's first independent, non-profit leadership event known as the Burke Girls Empowerment Summit. This annual gathering provides not only a chance for girls from grades seven through 12 to fellowship, but also offers these young people the opportunity to discuss what it means to be a woman today. The Girls Summit has been hosted by Burke Recovery and sponsored by the Strategic Alliance for Burke Youth and the Burke County United Way.

Here is a promotional video for the Burke Girls Empowerment Summit.

Episode co-produced by Breathe Yoga & Wellness and Citizen Earth Media. Music played by Sven & Jule Picton.

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