Yoga for People in Recovery 12 Weeks Session

Through the generous support of our local yoga community, and a partnership with Burke Recovery and Flynn Recovery Community, this class is offered by donation — students pay what they are able. There is a suggested donation of $5.

People may come to one, some, or all of the classes.

The benefits of yoga for recovery from addiction are evidence-based and are aligned with the latest research in trauma sensitive modalities. The organization Y12SR regularly updates a list of the latest research in the use of yoga and mediation for healthy neurology/brain functioning, self-care, and life balance. The physical practice of yoga works very closely with a therapeutic program of recovery and readies people for transformation, allowing them to absorb the gifts of recovery, no matter our spiritual beliefs or background.

Yoga for Addiction Recovery Support emphasizes physical and emotional safety, and requires no prior yoga experience. Although 12-Step principals are applied during class, it's not necessary that you be in a 12-Step program to participate, but it is suggested that students be on an active path of recovery through a program. This class is not meant to be a substitute for addiction treatment.

Anyone who works in  in a mental health or substance abuse agency and has a client for consideration for YARS, please inquire to discuss his or her needs. No one may attend class under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Please note that anyone can be asked to leave at any time during the program or during any particular class. All questions about Yoga & Meditation for Addiction Recovery Support may be directed to [email protected] This class is also perfect for care-givers themselves, and accomplishes the healthcare Triple-Aim.

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