New Year Mind-Body Cleanse & Study

The New Year Mind-Body Cleanse & Study is designed to help you eliminate not just food, but anything you feel the need to “detox” from: relationships, social media, news, distractions, possessions, and foods like sugars, fats, salt, etc… It’s up to each person to determine what needs to be tweaked. The Cleanse includes some homework, reflection, journaling, exercise goals, shopping lists planning, and a far improved weekly check-in.

This Cleanse is led by certified Yoga Therapist Rhonda Cook, c-IAYT, eRYT. The entire 6-weeks will begin Sunday, January 7th, but you're free to go at your own pace.

There are also TWO more fun stops you can choose make on this journey by bundling some additional options:

  • The Cleanse basics plus a 1-Hour Private Session in person or via Skype (or Zoom, whatever suits you best)
  • A 5-Class Package at Breathe Yoga & Wellness to be used at any regularly scheduled class between now and the end of May 2018.

The practice of yoga begins the moment you focus your mind in the present — right here, right now. through refining the perception, we get a heightened sensitivity for noticing things — the silence between sound, the moments between emotions. Grace becomes our new boss, not the sounds/emotions/objects.

Follow the Registration Link now, and pay after January 1st!

In these 6 weeks you will

• Build a home practice including 15 minutes each of a grown up restorative bedtime routine AND a peaceful wakeup plan;

• Try out some of the principals modeled from Ayurveda;

• Learn about the most common myths around food and come up with your own nutritional reboot;

• Unpack a few favorite Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali, one of the ancient yogic texts. The Yoga Sutras contains 196 psalms written 1,500+ years ago and you’ll receive suggestions for approaching deeper study;

• Learn about the importance of comfortable seated shapes for meditation (the body’s shape and the shape of your support!)

• Develop one-minute noticing habits (hint: this will be a Pranayama study!) that will help you decide on the sweetest nourishment you need in the moment.

This is where the stillness comes in — the bridge that take us from the more shallow practices of yoga to the deeper ones. As we becomes calmer, more peaceful and more discerning… all practical tools for living in the world… we can re-inhabit our body again. With tools and practice, we can incorporate yoga in its broadest sense to how we take care of ourselves and remove what’s no longer serving us, or maybe never has.

6-week outline

WEEK 1: Elements of a Cleanse & Intention Setting

WEEK 2: Self Assessment

WEEK 3: Nutritional Reboot Plan

WEEK 4: Routine and practice

WEEK 5: Meditation and Reflection

WEEK 6: Using Back and Setting goals for the rest of 2018

Inquire about more of the outline’s details if you have any special concerns. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll get more info about this six week time-release cleanse & personal nourishment plan.

What Else to Expect

This six week time-release cleanse & personal nourishment plan will include:

Opening/Welcome - Intro Material

Personal Intention Settings

Daily Journaling Prompts

Weekly Emails to deliver you the contents

Silence, solitude, space, movement, action, elements … become someone who’s being present AS yoga.

Introduction to a few basic systems:

  • 5-Elements: Gunas and Ayurveda
  • The Vayus
  • The Chakras
  • The Nadis
  • The Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali (guess what: there are also OTHER ancient texts!)
  • Mantra & Meditation
  • The 12-Steps

Nutritional Reboot Plan Prepared by Holistic Registered Dietician Mandy Nix, RD

Personal Inquiry Journaling Assignments

Favorite Video & Audio Links plus a Few Originals by Moi!

The Importance of Comfy Meditation Seat

Mantra and the Benefits of Embodying Sound

Resources & Reading Suggestions Reviewed by Moi!

Scientific Research links

Social Media Network for Group Support

Weekly Check-Ins Virtual or Recorded for Later

Follow the Registration Link NOW, and pay after January 1st!

Comment from last year’s Cleanse:

“I loved the yoga-centric daily education. I learned so much that I want to deepen my study!”

About Rhonda

Rhonda is a certified Yoga Therapist through the International Association of Yoga Therapists (c-IAYT) trained in person-centered, evidence-supported yoga- and meditation- based modalities. Her experience and understanding is steeped in ancient wisdom and she is a continuous student. She's also a true geek for modern health science. She's specialized in leading three-month group series to support people in early addiction recovery from substance abuse, weaving together yogic principals with recovery principals, and this is the second year offering this 6-week cleanse. Rhonda's work is based on the idea that “addiction” can mean anything that thwarts our success and sets us up to going back to what doesn’t serve us over and over again. More about her classic and Yoga Therapy training can be found in her bio.

Rhonda can be reached to answer questions at [email protected].

If you’re ready to commit, sign up HERE!

Common Questions

How so cheap? I want this to be available for nearly ANYONE who is ready to make some changes. Most of our work is self guided (we are, after all, our own best teachers!) with my support along the way.

Notice that this plan doesn't include an enzymatic or herbal cleanse (liver, intestinal, etc). Not everyone is seeking that type of “detox”. In week one, I’ll help you decide what type of measures you’ll be able to commit to, and if a systemic body cleanse is  the answer for you, I’ll help you select one and move it into your program. I work with Morganton Natural Foods for most of my supplements, and if there are enough people who want a prepared cleanse, I can get it at a discount. This is one that I would likely recommend: Renew Life Total Rapid Body Cleanse (7 day). There are many more affordable options.

How much time will it take? That depends on how much time you can dedicate! My own personal self-care practice takes about 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening. If you’re used to pulling up and eating fast food in your car at the drivethru, then, yes, you’re going to be challenged to spend a little more time on meal planning and preparation. Freedom isn’t free, and in our Western culture, we cram as much busyness into our day as possible, leaving us drained, malnourished, and diseased. Isn’t this why we are cleansing? What are YOU willing to give up? We’ll be working on this together!

Do I have to be a vegetarian or a vegan? Will I have to drink only liquids? No and no. We’ll discover the meaning of a balanced life, which includes food choices, studying the concept of the Sattvic (balanced) diet. Yes, I’ll suggest things to eliminate, and if it’s food that is giving you the most trouble (addiction, sugar, stimulants, carbs, etc) then, yes, I’m going to suggesting steering away from those completely. It will be a PROCESS. And I’ll be giving you the tools to make those changes. For the first two weeks, we’ll begin by looking at our intake of various types of food, including carefully considering our intake of animal proteins and processed grains. Then a Registered Dietician will answer questions in an overall Winter nourishment plan.

Is there a ton of homework? It’s as much as you make of it. You’ll be given reflections and assignments for each day of the six weeks.There's no pass or fail. No A+. You may have done many cleanses before, you may have stepped up and really rid yourself of some huge addictions, or this may be the first time you've tried something like this. Give yourself a break and remember that it is ALL a journey! 💖

What other questions do you have? Ask yours, and I may add it and answer it above, because it might be someone else’s question, too. Email [email protected]


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