Reducing Muscle Soreness After Yoga and Workouts

We get a lot of comments from students about muscle soreness after a physical yoga (Asana) practice. It makes sense to share about how to reduce muscle soreness after yoga or a workout. Here are four basic suggestions:

Yoga for Addiction Recovery Support July thru Sept 2015

Alternative Therapies for Recovery from Addiction in Burke County

Starting Tuesday, July 21, Yoga for Addiction Recovery Support (YARS) will run for 10 weeks at 10am for one hour each week at Breathe Yoga & Wellness, 131 West Union Street in Downtown Morganton. Through the generous support of our local yoga community, this class is offered by donation — students pay what they are able.

Intro to Yoga Workshop at Wisdom Path

Fellow Foothills Holistic Alliance members at Wisdom Path are hosting Introduction to Yoga for their clients and for the larger community on July 16, 2015 from 5:30-7:00pm. Instructor Annaliese Koltermann will lead this 90-minute practice and discussion at Wisdom Path, 220 West Union Street, Morganton, NC. To reserve a spot, call 828-475-6544.

Connecting your wellness elements, seeking balance through Ayurveda

Knowing your Ayurvedic dosha type can enhance your yoga practice, as well as any dietary, emotional, or lifestyle cleanse.

The Healing Power of Yoga

For some people, working one-on-one with a trained yoga therapist who can adapt and customize a variety of approaches will better suit their specific needs and temperaments. Our Breathe Yoga & Wellness teacher, Annaliese Kolterman, studied under Sudha Carolyn Lundeen at the Kripalu Institute. Lundeen made this statement about yoga therapists in an article published last summer in Kripalu's Thrive journal.

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