Prenatal Yoga: Nurturing the Nurturer, Thursdays at 4:30pm

Reducing Muscle Soreness After Yoga and Workouts

We get a lot of comments from students about muscle soreness after a physical yoga (Asana) practice. It makes sense to share about how to reduce muscle soreness after yoga or a workout. Here are four basic suggestions:

De-Clutter for Winter Ease

You’re getting ready to spend the next four months indoors. Have you thought about who you’re inviting? Winter holidays are filled with opportunities to invite our most intimate friends and family members into our private space for comfort and intimacy.

Yoga for Runners benefits charity Bear Crawl 5K

In the spirit of the Bear Crawl 5k, an entry discount for this annual charity run will be given to all who register for this workshop at the time of registration. A portion of workshop proceeds benefit Alive^3 (cubed). Supporting Alive^3 empowers people to live life to the fullest.

Alive^3 funds bucket list experiences for exceptional selfless people that need a little help to realize a dream.

At this 2-hour workshop, Rhonda Cook, RYT500/Yoga Therapist will show how yoga can improve your running.

Athletes of all kinds can benefit from a consistent yoga practice. Many athletes have an imbalance in their bodies because of the targeted muscles worked in their sport. For instance, in runners, tightness in the hamstrings and hips can actually be an overdevelopment of muscle, which puts pressure on supporting joints and encourages weakness the core. Having a regular yoga practice can help runners increase flexibility while keeping those key performance muscles strong and joints injury free. Yoga also can be a practice to restore tired muscles that have been overworked as well as a way to assist in the healing of acute or chronic injuries.

Parents Leadership Training for start of school year 2015-16

To parents of kids, especially those ages 9-18:

Most of you know that in addition to my work with Breathe I'm involved with a community of parents who work to help reduce the drugs and alcohol in our kids' hands at the middle- and high-schools level. I feel that prevention work is an absolute shoe-in for a yoga community!
There's a FREE, two-hour info and discussion session led by BSAN (Burke Substance Abuse Network) and SABY (Strategic Alliance for Burke Youth -- the group who put on the Girls Summit last spring), and by Grace Hospital for letting us use their facility. The parents event is Mon, Aug 17 from 6-8pm. It's called Parents Inspire Prevention: Supporting Confidence in Kids & Teens and will be held in the Lake James Room at Grace Hospital.
We are asking that all parents consider attending and invite friends, parents' groups, booster clubs, church groups, and anyone else who can participate.
Will you PLEASE distribute this flyer and social media event link to all of those in your network of parents?? Here is the link to the PDF file for printing and the JPEG is for emailing:

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