Starting New Things - Morning Meditation

9a451bbdd13559b234fb653ea7277cc5First things first. Whether you're interested in strengthening your spiritual practice in 2014, becoming better at self-care, or more successful in your career, a morning meditation practice is so beneficial.

There is No Place like Om for the Holidays

Thanks to our guest blogger, Kendra Thorton, who writes about travel and lifestyle, we have some fun tips about taking our yoga with us on our holiday travels!  :)

Timothy McCall, MD, talks about yoga and blood pressure

heart"Many people think the first line of approach for high blood pressure is medication. But if you read medical journals and textbooks, they say that the first approach for nearly everyone with high blood pressure is diet and lifestyle changes."

What is Yoga Therapy?

Recently, I've been talking to my students and colleagues about the path on which I've embarked. I was in Asheville, NC last week for the first of 500 hours of training for my RYT500 certification (Registered Yoga Teacher, as recognized by the Yoga Alliance) and, most importantly, Yoga Therapy certification. This is a fantastic journey, including dimensions that I didn't even know existed.

If You Knew (Believed) This, Wouldn't You Put Yourself First?

"I'm so busy today, that... I'm going to meditate 2 hours instead of 1." - Gandhi

Why is it so easy for us to keep our commitments to others, but not to ourselves?

There are many reasons why we don't nurture ourselves, committing to a daily practice of yoga, meditation, healthy, wholesome eating.

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