A Childhood Meditation Grows Up

Peggy Carter invites us into her beautiful art and meditation studio in this episode of Sacred Spaces Radio. Many know Peggy by her exquisite taste for creating the MOST wearable jewelry, and most others know that she’s a beloved teacher of yoga. In this interview, Peggy shares the history of her love for beading as well as the sacred nature of her creative process. So many thanks go out to Peggy, for giving us a sneak peak into her sweet, family-filled childhood memories and how that shaped who she is today.

Divine Frequency

Barbara Weinstock invited us into her home on Lake James in Nebo, NC to visit her sacred space — a room cleared out for her collection of portraits of her guru and teachers, hand-crafted shrines, and books filled with handwritten notes of mantras that she practices regularly.

Target Practice with More Heart

In this episode, Rhonda interviews Zack Paben at his home in Marion, NC. Zack is co-founder and CEO of the non-profit organization More Heart Than Scars. In this show, we get to hear about how he maintains life-balance in the face of real-life demands and a past that sometimes haunts him. Zack finds grounding and centerdness at his outdoor bow-and-arrow range. Shooting arrows is his meditation practice.

Announcing Sacred Spaces Radio!

Sacred Spaces Radio delivers stories of discipline, devotion, and coming home to self shared by people who’ve carved out a sacred space of their own. Its an honor to be invited into this private realm of our guests’ lives…. we are so grateful for their generous spirit.

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