Tai Chi for Arthritis & Tai Chi for Fall Prevention

Breathe invites students to try these 6-week Tai Chi programs for arthritis and for fall prevention on Mondays at 2pm starting the week after Labor Day

Breathe teachers get Refreshed spaces

Breathe Yoga & Wellness has partnered with Refresh designers Lynn Curfman and Erica Schwarting this year to help our students and teachers find sanctuary in their personal spaces. We love what Refresh is doing; think of it as "yoga for the home." Most recently, Erica and Lynn refreshed the home of Breathe instructor Annaliese Koltermann. Since she had so much light to work with, they simply cleared away fabrics, hangings, and things that were blocking the light and arranged some beautiful pieces as a dristi, or point of focus.

Summer Price Specials at Breathe

It's Summertime! Time to enjoy everything our beautiful region has to offer. Keep yourself into yoga while on your break from school and get the most out of your outdoor adventures. We have a couple of Summer specials, including a $10 Summer Walk-In (prime time classes, normally $12) from June through August, 2016.
We're also offering a 5-Class Vacation Package from June through August for $45 for people who are visiting our area for the summer or college students who are home from school for a couple of months.

Unfurl: An Installation

Art and yoga meet in a re-wilding of Breathe Yoga & Wellness's 131 West Union display window. With her sculpture “Unfurl”, artist Jen Carson manifests reluctance and inevitable opening; a human spine is tightly furled like a fern frond, but fed by hope, trust, nurturing, and the simple seduction of being alive, begins to unwind from its protective coil. 

Thank you, Breathe Students, for your Input!

Thanks to all who contributed to Breathe’s vision by completing our Student Survey last month. We have forty-four people respond to this survey, designed to tell us why you started coming to Breathe Yoga & Wellness, why you keep coming, and what suggestions you have to make this place as (comfy, challenging, joyful, perfect) for your life as we can possibly make it.

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