Ayurvedic Wellness Sessions by Appt, Mar 5

During the weekend of March 5, 2017, the day following his workshop, Ayurvedic Seasonal Practices: Transitioning Into Healthy Spring, Marek Sawicki BA, CAyu, LMBT, eRYT, 500 will be offering ninety-minute Ayurvedic Consultations and one-hour Clinical Massage at Breathe Yoga & Wellness in Morganton, NC.

Ayurvedic Consultations

90-Minute >> $130 >> BOOK NOW

  • Initial consultations are 75-90 minutes long, and are $130.
  • During this initial consultation, we go over your detailed health history.
  • One of our goals is to trace sources of illness to their root cause.
  • Often, deep seated trauma and emotional blockages can be seen clearly, and begin to be integrated and released.

Additionally, each consultation involves a thorough assessment of your diet, lifestyle, pulse, tongue, face and nails to determine your original constitution (Prakruti) and current state of doshic balance (Vikruti). Together we will craft your personal wellness program, based upon your goals. Recommendations are personalized for your constitution and current state. Followup sessions will be by Skype or in person at Living Alchemy Ayurveda in Asheville, NC.

Clinical Massage

60-Minute >> $75 >> BOOK NOW

Marek specializes in customizing sessions to suite suite your needs. In a bodywork session, we target areas of tension and structural imbalance for effective, lasting pain relief, so that you can feel at ease in your body.  We also specialize in making your bodywork experience deeply healing, profoundly relaxing, and integrated for your whole being.

Body work sessions are custom tailored from a variety of styles and methods to best suite your current situation. We have achieved certification and/ or high levels of training in the following therapies:

  • Neuromuscular therapy (American style / via Judith Delaney Walker)
  • Myofascial release (Barnes method)
  • Craniosacral therapy (Upledger method)
  • Core synchronism (via Robert Stevens)
  • Advanced therapeutic Thai Massage (Pichest Boonthumme, Thailand)

Marek Sawicki BA.CAyu. LMBT, eRYT500 is a certified Ayurvedic Medical Practitioner, Pancha Karma Clinician, Licensed Massage Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher and Therapist with over fifteen years of clinical and teaching experience in his successful private practice and as full time Lead faculty instructor of Therapeutic Massage at AB-TECH Community College. He and his wife Uma are graduates of the prestigious Ayurvedic Institute of Albuquerque, N.M. with the highest degree in Ayurvedic Medicine available outside of India. Their training is reinforced with two years of clinical internship under Dr. Alekananda Devi specializing in Internal Medicine, Clinical Pancha Karma, Digestive Disorders, Women / Men’s Health, Pain Management, Autoimmune and Chronic Illness. His passion is helping clients understand and integrate Western and Eastern approaches under the umbrella of Ayurveda by working in alliance with Medical Doctors, Acupuncturists, Naturopaths, Chiropractors and Physical Therapists to cultivate peak experiences in health care. Drawing from a firm therapeutic training in Ayuryoga, Viniyoga, and Iyengar approaches he works as a yoga therapist creating individualized therapeutic practice routines. From extensive training in advanced therapeutic Thai Massage, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy and the full spectrum of Ayurvedic Pancha Karma therapies his skills unwind deep seated tension and toxins while soothing the spirit. Integrating these approaches under Ayurveda, Marek attends to the needs of all levels of body, mind, and spirit with individualized herbal, dietary, lifestyle, treatment, detoxification, and rejuvenation programs. As an educator; he is currently the Director and Lead Instructor of Therapeutic Massage at AB-TECH (Asheville campus) for the Associate degree program, has taught many weekend workshops in Viniyoga therapy and is currently a lead instructor of Therapeutic Yoga Training for Subtle Yoga and Ayurvedic Wellness councilor training at the Asheville School of Massage and Yoga. Marek has been described by long term clients as “sensitive, respectful, compassionate and … having the hands and heart of a true healer.”

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