5 ideas that help yoga become your all-over strength workout

yoga-benefits-strength-and-endurance-604x272Everyone comes to yoga for different reasons. Maybe you wanted to become more flexible, to recover gently from surgery, to gain mind-body awareness. I share a bit about what initially brought me to yoga on my personal yoga website.

Healing Touch Certificate Program in Morganton, Sept 6&7

Healing Touch is a relaxing, nurturing energy therapy. Certification is good for nurses, health care professionals, body workers, psychotherapists, or anyone who has a desire to study energy therapy with a commitment to help others.

Meditation For A Calm Heart

Some guided meditation help from another blogger who makes it easy. :)

Outflowing Energy

ShinePicture a window fan placed in a window at one end of the house and an open window at the opposite end. What happens when you turn the fan on out-flow? Air is drawn in from the opposite window and moves through the house, creating a pleasant breeze of fresh, outdoor air, which circulates through the house constantly, never getting stuck or stale.

This is what happens when we "outflow" our energy.

Outflowing energy can happen in many forms: a good intention, a prayer, helping someone out financially, lending someone our time, our friendship. Outflowing energy even happens through touch.

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