Powerful Yoga for Athletes

It’s all over the news; top athletes are professing that yoga is a vital part of their all-over conditioning, both during their training regimens and off-season. At Breathe, we are committed to helping you find yoga classes and training tips that are perfect for YOU!

4 ideas that help yoga become part of your strength workout

yoga-benefits-strength-and-endurance-604x272Keep your training program in shape with a powerful but balancing yoga practice. There are a number of movements and postures that are great for the big muscle groups like hips and shoulders, but remember: there are countless of smaller muscle groups and connective layers that will benefit from mindful sequencing! Here are some suggestions for blending yoga in with your workout:

A Bundle of Workshops for YOU

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New Year Mind-Body Cleanse & Study

The New Year Mind-Body Cleanse & Study is designed to help you eliminate not just food, but anything you feel the need to “detox” from: relationships, social media, news, distractions, possessions, and foods like sugars, fats, salt, etc… It’s up to each person to determine what needs to be tweaked. The Cleanse includes some homework, reflection, journaling, exercise goals, shopping lists planning, and a far improved weekly check-in.

How Step Twelve Tricked Me Into Living with Gratitude

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