The Importance of Selecting a Meditation Cushion

There are as many ways to meditate as there are people. You could try sitting on a chair for starters, or simply sit on the floor if you want. The whole idea is to find a sitting position that’s most comfortable for you.

Your rest practice will determine your success!

I have good news for you this Winter: a life full of healthy habits start with a good rest practice!

Using a nasal rinse for self-care

We understand that our 5 senses are responsible for helping us assess the world outside of ourselves. In yoga, the sense of smell is our most primal antenna. Also, healthy breathing patterns rely on open airways. So we can start our self-care practice with some nasal cleansing by using a netti pot. Some yogis use one daily and some, before each meditation sitting. You can find them at any health food store and even many chain pharmacies and grocery stores in the nasal care section.

Powerful Yoga for Athletes

It’s all over the news; top athletes are professing that yoga is a vital part of their all-over conditioning, both during their training regimens and off-season. At Breathe, we are committed to helping you find yoga classes and training tips that are perfect for YOU!

4 ideas that help yoga become part of your strength workout

yoga-benefits-strength-and-endurance-604x272Keep your training program in shape with a powerful but balancing yoga practice. There are a number of movements and postures that are great for the big muscle groups like hips and shoulders, but remember: there are countless of smaller muscle groups and connective layers that will benefit from mindful sequencing! Here are some suggestions for blending yoga in with your workout:

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