Shelli Welch

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Shelli has been practicing one form of yoga or another for nearly 25 years and leading adults, children, special needs adults and children and individuals dealing with significant behavioral health issues and trauma for 8 years.

Her expertise lies in various Hatha practices and now, Kundalini which she now practices exclusively on her own. 

She would say that she was born to be a yogini and share the power of yoga to transform as decades ago she was led intuitively to yoga from within before ever having been exposed to yoga through a class or book. She teaches from the foundation that you are your own teacher and guide and that she is merely present to share these powerful yogic tools that will lead you home to you. Hatha practice dominated her life for 23 years before being led to Kundalini. 

The immediate accelerated personal transformation that she experienced led her to daily deep immersion and study. She is excited to share both her accumulated experience with Hatha practices and her new found love of Kundalini yoga. In addition to sharing powerful mantras, pranayama practices, meditations, and movement practice from these two disciplines, Shelli weaves in powerful self knowledge and inspiration in every class.