Peggy Carter

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Peggy Carter’s yoga journey began 12 years go as she sought physical, mental, and spiritual enrichment in her life. Her study in the traditional Iyengar style of yoga led to two years of yoga teacher training under Lori Weimer RYS, resulting in a 250-hour certification in 2010.

Drawing from her background in medical technology and fine arts, she has nurtured the hidden strengths of her students while challenging them to reach beyond their perceived limitations. “Twenty-two years of jewelry design has taught me to constantly evolve, introducing new ideas without compromising basic principles. I approach yoga instruction with similar variety and freshness while maintaining a commitment to proper technique.”

Peggy continues to pursue advanced training with an emphasis on safe physical alignment, mind-body connection, and immersive final relaxation techniques, helping her students incorporate the benefits of strength, flexibility, and the joy of yoga into their lives.

One of Peggy’s biggest yoga influences is teacher Erich Schiffmann. “Taking a workshop with Erich was the moment I first started exploring movement inward. It’s when yoga became very personal to me.” Her favorite part of teaching is the moment she notices a student shift their thinking. “There’s a special moment when they know ‘this is me doing this.’”

Peggy is married to a retired dentist and together with their children. They have lived in Morganton for 34 years. “I feel like through my yoga I can give back to our community.”

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