Kelly Treiber

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Kelly Treiber, a Morganton native, discovered yoga since 2002. “It came to be as a gift when I was 51, three months before my son, Collin, died.” She was practicing with Lori Weimer, through whom she trained for her RYT200, at the time and yoga became an important part of her healing process.

In 2008, she began studying to teach yoga in a blended Iyengar discipline and has done so since 2010. Upon the closing of her family business of 40 years, Muses Bookstore, Kelly began inviting small groups to attend classes in the empty building, holding a space for local people to practice yoga and for other teachers to offer their gifts.

Kelly loves to travel, and one of her favorite activities when she does is to  attend classes in new places to see how things are taught around the world. “It teaches me new things and enhances what I already know. Kelly is constantly humbled by yoga. “There’s not a class I’ve been to that I haven’t learned something new.” 

In 2013 Kelly went to Kripalu where she was exposed to practices around yoga that touch other areas of life, beginning her deeper expansion of yoga from asana (poses) and pranayama (breath work) into other areas. “Visiting Kripalu was my introduction to Ayruvedic wellness; it was a whole body-mind experience.” No stranger to the body and to science, Kelly received her Masters degree in biology and a BS in chemistry.

Kelly’s life is steeped in community. In addition to friends and family, including children and grandchildren and her growing yoga family, Kelly is the co-captain of the Healing Dragons of Lake James, a dragon boat team founded by breast cancer survivors.