Christi Bristol

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Christi received her 200-RYT certification in April of 2016. Currently her practice and class style consists of a vinyasa flow without hesitation to use props to gain success and slowly progress clients/ classes into more advanced postures. "Sometimes people view props as a crutch  and don't want to use them. Props aren't a sign of failure but an aid for success -- a way to deepen the asana to gain the most benefit physically and energetically from each posture."

Christi teaches beginner to intermediate classes as well as individual  sessions for people with significant physical challenges where group classes are not an option.  Classes are tailored to the individuals or group she is working with at the time with the ultimate goal to increase mobility and release negative energy. Christi is pursuing her 200 E-RYT and looks forward to pursuing training in Yin, Ieyngar, and Ashtanga. Eventually she looks forward to combining her love of water with yoga to bring stand up paddle board yoga to this area. 

Christi Bristol began her journey to empower movement in those who are physically challenged in 1994. She began her journey as a mother of three children, one who had a degenerative genetic disorder and was physically and cognitively impaired and two other children who were blessed without disabilities. In 1997, Christi became a physical therapist assistant. Her passion is children and young adults with physical and cognitive disabilities.

Christi continues to work as a physical therapist assistant and specializes in pediatrics and aquatic therapy. In 2001 she began coaching the Special Olympic Swim Team (aka Stingrays) and began her aquatics training program for people with disabilities known as Aquatic Abilities.

"Water allows freedom of movement where gravity is eliminated and boundaries of land are no longer a hinderance. However, movement in water isn't always available as an option. Yoga caught my interest as a method to bring this freedom of movement through a land based program."

As her son's condition deteriorated, and he lost his ability to move completely, the desire to help others "just keep moving" became more important than ever. Coty passed away in 2014 leaving Christi with a lot of time and energy that needed a new direction. With this time and energy she pursued her passion to help others to "just keep moving" by acquiring  her 200 RYT teacher training through the Peace In Peace Out teacher training school in Charlotte, NC.

Since she started her teacher training in 2015, she has successfully used yoga based movement strategies in her practice to improve mobility in patients with conditions such as spina bifida, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, developmental delay, muscular dystrophy, strokes, degenerative disorders and muscle tightness due to general inactivity. Completing her 200-RYT enhanced Christ's Aquatic Abilities program as well. Participating in the full Aquatic Abilities program now consists of combination of swimming instruction and yoga combined to improve functional movement. Through her yoga teacher training and personal practice, Christi also experienced a healing in her own body which was the result of many hours of hip opening asanas. Experiencing this healing of a condition she had suffered from for over 6 years, created the desire to bring this experience to not just those with physical challenges, but to people of all walks of life.

"Everyone can do yoga and benefit from it. You just need to take the time, have patience and find the right class or teacher to meet your needs. Yoga doesn't have to be about the perfection of the pose or comparing yourself to what your classmate can and can't do. Yoga is about moving your body in space wherever your body will allow you to go at that moment and releasing energy that is no longer of any benefit to you. Eventually in time, you will increase your mobility and let go of negative energy you may not even be aware you are holding on to. Amazing things happen as you improve flexibility and let go of energy that no longer serves you. Just keep moving!"